Change is scary, change is new, change is good

We’ve started off on a journey; one that we hope you would want to join us on. Together, we could bring about change, not the kind that only tries to please or charm, but one that helps build a greener future for us to share. We might be making bags, but we’re building relationships. The only legacy we want to leave behind is a better future.

Our Story

Though we’ve been associated with the jute industry for over three decades, it’s only recently that we decided to venture into the organic packaging industry ourselves. We’re driven to not just provide a product or service, but work towards a vision of building a better future for generations to come.

We’re not a big corporate; but that in no way should put into question the conviction with which we work towards our cause. If anything it should assure it. We’ve partnered with the indigenous craftsmen for who this is not just a means of livelihood, but a way of life. We proudly say that we are based out of India, embracing a culture that has always taught us to coexist with the environment rather than exploit it. We might be old fashioned about how we do some things, but it’s our perspective that truly sets us apart.

How we think

Organic is better for the environment. Organic is biodegradable. Organic is a better alternative to plastics.

All these are very valid points and what most of our competition have laid their foundation on.

We however, think a little differently. We believe that one shouldn’t need to use organic, one should want to! We strive to design products that are contemporary in design, visually pleasing but at the same time fulfilling the functional needs of our customers. All our products aspire to convey a message, while embodying the core belief of finding new ways of fulfilling the same old needs.

What can we do for you

We have a knack for getting things right the way our customers want them. Whatever the occasion, however unique a need, we’re up to the challenge. We can work under tight deadlines without sacrificing on quality, create outstanding products while keeping costs low, reach out to any corner of the globe while staying rooted to our core values, and those of our customers.

We help our customers pick from a variety of organic materials, decide which product would best suits the occasion, ensure the result is exactly the way they envisioned it, all the while striving to make the experience feel as effortless as possible. Do get in touch if you want a glimpse of the possibilities!

How we do it

We’ve partnered with jute mills, cotton mills, local artisans and logistics companies to ensure we can provide end-to-end solutions to our clients, creating an integrated process which is aimed at fulfilling the needs of our clients.

For us, the customer is the center around which everything else revolves. What separates us is the trust and friendship we build with them, treating them more as partners than clients. We hope to achieve the kind of excellence that results from the unique tension between outstanding product quality and exceptional service.


  • Manufacturing capacity of 1.5 million units annually, which can be increased based on clients’ requirements.
  • Over 100 skilled artisans for printing, stitching, packing, etc.
  • End to end integration with suppliers and logistics companies.
  • In house design team.
  • Availability of a variety of materials, colors, designs and prints.