Our Process

Keeping in line with our vision of building products that contribute to a sustainable future, all the materials used in our products are eco-friendly and entirely biodegradable. We provide an alternative for harmful synthetics and plastics and constantly innovate to create new products that please customers without sacrificing on aesthetics and functionality.

Providing a wide range of solutions such as shopping bags, wine bottle bags, corporate bags, gift bags, etc. we focus on enhancing customer experiences and helping them do their bit to create a better world.

Design & Production

We assist our clients in every step of making the final product; right from selecting the proper fabric, size of the bag, designing any print needed, customising any other features such as inner lining, pockets, etc.

Our focus has always been not just to satisfy our clients, but to delight them. Every product made by us is a reflection of our values.

Entirely Sustainable Dyes

Every step in our manufacturing process is designed to ensure that the final product does no harm to the environment. All our prints are done using Azo free dyes that do not contain toxic allergenic aromatic amines to avoid any harm to our customers who might come in contact with the prints.

We avoid all dyes that might contain heavy metals or be carcinogenic to ensure once disposed they do not release any harmful chemicals into the environment.


Each of our products is carefully handcrafted. Once the fabric has been procured we perform a variety of tests such as color matching, fabric weaving, and fabric GSM. Even the accessories such as handle, chain, etc. are sourced from reliable partners in the field and carefully checked.

Once assembled, we have a team of dedicated artisans who carefully handcraft each product to ensure it meets international quality standards.

Post Production

Once the production process is complete each product is carefully checked by our quality control team for any abnormalities and corrections that might be needed.

We ensure every product delivered is exactly as per customers’ specifications, having a margin for error as wide as the thread used to stitch the products.

Packaging and Delivery

All our products are carefully packed as per our customer’s specifications to ensure no damage comes to them on the way.

We collaborate with renowned logistics companies, helping ensure the goods are delivered to our clients in a timely manner.


One of the most versatile fabrics known, cotton is one of the best materials for making bags. Here’s why:

  • It’s sustainable and has a minimal environmental impact
  • Can be washed & reused
  • Can be dyed exactly as per customer’s specifications
  • The thickness of the fabric can be customised to ensure it can support heavier loads if needed.

Features of jute

  • Entirely recyclable
  • Cotton and jute are the 2 most important vegetable fibers in terms of usage, global consumption and production
  • It has high tensile strength, low extensibility and ensures better breathability
  • It saves 5.4 million tons fossil fuels and forest wood per year