Why PP Bags Are NOT The future

We all know the harmful effects of plastic bags. Here’s a link that details the effects it has on the environment:

However, they’ve been used for too long the world over for people to make a switch to a more sustainable alternative. This is where PP bags got introduced, being marketed as a low-cost alternative to harmful plastics and recyclable. That, however, is a lie. These bags are synthesized using plastic as the main raw material. There are no organic elements present which would help in the degradation of the bags once disposed of. A lot of sellers of these bags boast of its features such as not degrading when wet, long lasting in outdoor conditions and readily reusable. However, once disposed of there is no way for them to get absorbed into the natural ecosystem. This means they again face the same problem plastic bags do: taking decades to decompose and finding no better alternative.

We request all those who truly care about the environment to research what product they are choosing to buy before making their decision. Hoping this article helped. To inquire about greener alternatives that truly are sustainable get in touch with us!

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Sampa Ghosh – Jun 26, 2019

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